About the handling of individual information

The privacy of the person who uses this Web site is esteemed, the law concerning protection of individual information is observed, and Kotaki Corp. (henceforth our company) is assumed to be the one to brush off close attention to customer's individual information.

Purpose of use of individual information

The customer will put and use it our company as individual information such as the acquired name, the address,the telephone numbers, and e-mailing is necessary in the business accomplishment.

Prohibition of offer and indication to third party

Our company offers and doesn't disclose customer's individual information to the third party, except when it agrees from the customer, indication is claimed based on the law or there is a good cause.

Continuous review and improvement

Our company observes the law that relates to protection of individual information and other standards, and tries to review continuously, and to improve the approach of protection of individual information according to the change in the social climate.